Making a Moku Hanga Print 3

(continuation from part 2)

The bottom part of the print is also blue (a third kind) and over it (from the same plate) a gradation of ocre.

Printing the second plate for blue

For a gradation, the non printing part is wetted and with a brush moving over the border betwen pure water and colour the ink is distributed to produce a gradation.

And here the result:



I´m going to start with a small edition of nine prints (that I can do from a big sheet of washi).
That takes some time and during that time I have to keep the washi with the same amount of moisture. The paper shrinks, when it dries and nothing would fit together. During printing, the paper gathers additional water and I have got to take care of that too.

Up to now, we have red, blue (top part, two blues in one printing), light blue at the bottom, an ocre gradation over the light blue (same plate).

I decided to keep black for the last printing, because it will be very dominating and it´s easier to find the right balance at the end.

Now brown (two browns in one printing, ocre at the bottom):


(To be continued)