Making a Moku Hanga Print 4

(continuation from part 3)

And now green. I had cut large areas for green, but I only use the bottom parts not to spoil the red.

The last colour besides black is orange. It´s important to set an accent at the top left.


Before starting with black, I dried the prints between cardboard to judge the colours.
They change a little bit when they have dried.

And now the last step (after moistening the paper again): Black and grey.

Autumn Print 2 (Herbstbild 2)
21x31cm 2018

But looking again, I was not completly satisfied. The colours rather cold, the grey is not really a part of the picture.
Printmaking makes it easy – you can do it again with different colours. Instead of grey now indigo and the green plate
is now printed also in the upper parts. Mixing with the cool reddish colour it produces a warm brown.
Here it is: